Goodbye To Alcohol By Janet Gourand

This includes issues I have in my personal and professional life. I believed that the more I poured into you, the less I would have to worry about my other problems. For a while, everything seemed fine. We had a great relationship and you did exactly that. This is a difficult letter to write, and I should have written it years ago.

goodbye letter to alcohol

I chose to start our relationship, and now I am choosing to end it. I know that saying “goodbye” to you for good will take hard work, but I am doing exactly that. I now know that none of these feelings were genuine and that I was being manipulated throughout our time together. Whenever I felt like you were the key to getting through life, it was nothing more than a lie.

What Is A Goodbye Letter To Drugs?

Their pile of money just didn’t look right. It had dwindled down to the bottom, and I soon followed. I have seen glimpses of what my life can be like, what I can be like, without you. It is so beautiful it brings me to tears.

  • We had a great relationship and you did exactly that.
  • I justified using you, saying that you fueled my creativity, when in reality all you did was sap away a bright and alert mind.
  • His words were simple, yet more powerful than anything you could ever do to me.
  • You’re a loyal dude, so you had no problem with that.

I know who I am, what I like, what I need and how I want to live my life. I no longer feel weighed down by you and have since found clarity and purpose. You see – I studied you for a while. I mastered your ways, the spell you cast on others and how you grip down on people with your deceitful tricks.

You wouldn’t let me see anyone else. I would try sometimes to go out and have fun with my real friends. After only an hour or two, I would feel you calling me, tugging at me, telling me I had to go home and be with you or I would suffer consequences. “I’m not ready to die. I’m ready to live.”

It’s easy, and confidential – call us to learn about the different teen treatment programs we offer. Jerry Lawson grew up in a military home lived in various parts of the United States and Europe. For most of his adult life, he struggled with an addiction to prescription medication, mainly opioids and amphetamines. On June 12, 2012, Jerry entered into a rehab facility called the Haven of Rest in Anderson, SC., where he spent 16 months. He is a single father of two amazing daughters and works as an advisor for a local college. Jerry is currently finishing up his Master’s in Licensed Professional Counseling from Liberty University. He hopes to use his experience to help others who are struggling with addiction find true peace and healing.

I was not me when I used you, but a variation of somebody I thought I wanted to be. I abused you until you started to abuse me back. I justified using you, saying that you fueled my creativity, when in reality all you did was sap away a bright and alert mind. For half my life you acted goodbye letter to alcohol like a crutch, but now you have left me crippled. This blog is for informational purposes only and should not be a substitute for medical advice. We understand that everyone’s situation is unique, and this content is to provide an overall understanding of substance use disorder.

Goodbye Letter: Dear Alcohol

This includes all relationships, including my relationship with you. We have been through a lot together.

Our team determines the best possible treatment plan for you without cutting quality. Saying goodbye to your addiction enables you to recognize your past, honor your new life path, and provide closure. At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we provide a community of support that makes saying goodbye to your addiction achievable and realistic. Clinging to the emotional bonds may also be our way of avoiding seeking treatment. But knowing what happens when we drink alcohol every day needs to be separated from our sentiments about alcohol.

  • To make a longer term impact a gift to the endowment fund will provide patient assistance funding for years to come.
  • Then it started affecting other people but I still stood by your side.
  • You have stunted me in my life’s progress.
  • I know that leaving you won’t be easy, and I acknowledge that there will be times that my resolve is weakened and I will miss you.
  • And now the same people who I cut off for you wanted to talk to me all of a sudden.
  • You are stronger than your addiction.

As years pass since the initial outbreak of COVID-19, we are left with increased substance abuse and mental health struggles. As a result, I know I have to leave you. I have tried to leave you in the past; however, every time I try to leave you behind, you simply come back stronger than ever before. I realized that the only way I could be able to leave you would be if I hit rock bottom first. The only thing is that I didn’t know exactly what rock bottom meant. How much more do I have to lose before I’m willing to leave you for good? No, I am making the decision to leave you now.

Goodbye Letter To Drugs And Reasons For Change

I seriously don’t know if it is you or me. You’ve had such a strong grip on me that I don’t even know who I am today. You were always there for me in the best and worst of times. You were with me to celebrate when I got my first job, and again when I got that big promotion. And who could forget how you stayed by my side when my kids were born and we toasted the night away.

goodbye letter to alcohol

I see now that your intent is to kill me – and in the meantime, to alienate me from anyone who cares and make my life not even worth living. We had so much fun together; we grew up together. You introduced me to your more illicit friends, some of whom I was more attracted to than you, but even in their presence I never strayed from your side. I could love you all simultaneously, but in the end, my allegiance lay with you.

Curious About All The Amazing Benefits A Break From Alcohol Can Bring?

Did you notice towards the end, how much we cried together. All those sad midnights looking in the mirror. We had become such closet companions towards the end. I seemed to need you for damn near everything. Without you, Addiction, I’m doing things I’ve never thought were possible. I have people that I love, and I know they love me back. And I’m able to watch my daughters grow older.

  • Resurgence Behavioral Health offers comprehensive programs and a therapeutic community for addiction that will guide you to a healthier path.
  • Writing down your goals can dramatically increase your chances of achieving them.
  • For a while, everything seemed fine.
  • There is a movement of people who are rising up above your influence and we are saying we want more for our lives.

Oh dear friendAlcohol, what a long, weary road we have traveled together. When I first met you at the ripe age of 15, I had no idea what an impact you would make on my life – and not the good kind, unfortunately.

It starts with you confronting your addiction head on. I’m ready to live,’ ‘Jackass’ star writes in letter addressed to alcohol and drugs.

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I loved you even though you destroyed many of my days. You convinced me it was all good and fun, until it wasn’t. Masked by your power I became defeated. I lost myself on a dark trail filled with depression, anxiety, loneliness, and lies. Slowly I’ve been following the faint light I see in the distance.

goodbye letter to alcohol

You gave me sorrow and torn-apart relationships. Serious impact on my other now important relationships. The name of the alcohol or drink you are saying goodbye to. You’re very selfish and only concerned with your own well-being. When I tried to work out and get healthier, you were always waiting for me after the gym, prodding me to just spend a little time with you. Then you seduced me into spending the night with you, and in the morning you’d laugh at me while my head and stomach ached from too much of you. You also helped me through some rough periods in my life too.

Mourning and loss are typically considered unfortunate parts of life. However, in the case of alcohol addiction recovery, our lives get better after we say goodbye to alcohol.

Because of this mastery, I’m now able to help others break loose from your chains too. You once had me trapped in a mindset of worry and struggle, which introduced me to your close friends – anxiety,shame, and guilt. Once I got more acquainted with them, I knew they, just like you, weren’t my real friends. They only visited when they wanted to manipulate me and make me feel like less of a person. I realized they all came as a result of my interactions with you. Randal Lea, our Chief Community Recovery Officer is a licensed addictions counselor with 30 years of clinical and administrative experience.

I’m as much to blame as you, and I’ve finally decided that we can’t go on like this any longer. You didn’t force yourself on me…I was just as willing to begin our long friendship as you. We are no longer taking on your name as we move away from you either. You don’t get to claim us as “Alcohol-ics,” anymore. We are changing our names during this divorce back to who we were before you moved in on our lives.

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